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CFA Institute Middle East Investment Conference

Helicopter Money: An Idea Whose Time Has Come?

What's the cause of the current global economic malaise? Lord Adair Turner believes it all comes down to debt. His proposed solution? Helicopter money, or what he prefers to call "overt monetary finance of increased fiscal expenditure."

Amid Low Oil Prices, MENA Charts a Way Forward

New drivers of economic growth, transitioning away from oil production, and increasing entrepreneurship and the growth of small and medium enterprises were focal points at the 2016 Middle East Investment Conference.

The Return of Geopolitics: “Markets Hate Uncertainty”

Willis Sparks of the Eurasia Group discussed the potential effects of geopolitics as a market influencer in his presentation to the CFA Institute Middle East Investment Conference in Bahrain.

Peter Zeihan: The World Should Watch Out for a Shift in US Foreign and Economic Policy

Geopolitical analyst, Peter Zeihan, believes that North America has the capacity to become energy self-sufficient by 2020 and predicts a US that adopts a more economically isolationist stance.

Avinash Persaud: Who Will Win the Currency Wars?

“The Americans or the Chinese?” asks risk expert and chairman at Intelligence Capital Limited, Avinash Persaud, at the CFA Institute Middle East investment Conference.

Arnab Das: We Are Caught in a Trap of Excessive Debt

Arnab Das, managing director of research and investment strategy at Roubini Global Economics, argues the most important parallel issues are the distribution between creditors and debtors and the balance between future and present economic activity.

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