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Top 10 Posts from 2018: Chart Crimes, Political Divides, AI, and the Skill Ratio

What Enterprising Investor articles most resonated with readers this year? The results offer an illuminating look into the forces that shaped finance in 2018.

Top Five Articles from May: Chart Crimes, Investing Lessons from Mom, and the Invisible Octopus

Does the CFA charter add value? Why does everyone hate finance and what can be done about it? The leading Enterprising Investor posts from May address these questions and more.

18 Chart Crimes and Misdemeanors

Truth is relative, falsehoods are seductive, and shortcuts are commonplace. Chart crimes are a clear manifestation of this, writes Sloane Ortel. 

Nine Charts: Dangerous Curves

With rising rates and a flattening yield curve, can there be opportunity in fixed-income markets? Sloane Ortel examines what's happened and what to do next.

34 Charts: This Time Is Different

Growth will come, but be realistic. It might take a while.

15 Charts: Can the Market Have Its Cake and Eat It Too?

When markets could either plummet or redefine the term "rally," the worst thing you can do is seek to be correct at the expense of being robust. So as much as you focus on coming up with a good forecast, make sure you also prepare for those times when your model is wildly off.

14 Charts Worth Your Time: Apple, Macro Trends, and Global Inequality

Am I the only one starting to feel like we're pretty darn late in the business cycle?

14 Charts Worth Your Time

Charts are fascinating. And I don't just mean the 14 charts below. In one of the more interesting lectures I've ever heard, Bret Victor makes a number of really thought-provoking points that I hope you'll chew over as you skim these images.

29 Charts Worth Your Time

I've collected 29 charts over the last several days that I think are worth your attention.

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