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A New Investment Thesis for China

Patrick Chovanec of Tsinghua University argued that an imminent correction will yield promising opportunities in dynamic new sectors of the Chinese economy.

China 2012: No Hard Landing on the Horizon?

With the view on China's macro picture improving, J.P. Morgan's Jing Ulrich laid out the six policy initiatives likely to be the defining drivers of market performance this year.

Breaking Down the Opportunity in Asia Real Estate

Morgan Stanley's J.E. Hoke Slaughter made the case that China — along with India — provide the best long-term, sustained growth prospects in the world.

Economic Shift from West to East Plays to Hong Kong’s Strengths

K.C. Chan, Secretary for Financial Services and the Treasury, highlighted the fundamental strengths that have contributed to Hong Kong's unique positioning in the global financial marketplace.

Emerging Markets Conference: Experts Bullish on Africa, Lukewarm on China

Because many emerging markets are either commodity producers or exporters, it seemed likely to me that emerging markets would be beholden to the health of the developed (importing) world — which of course has massive excess debt. While this is certainly true for some markets, I was pleasantly surprised to learn that the scope of opportunity in emerging markets is much larger than I had expected.

Change in China Hidden by Subtle Policy Shifts

The new "China 2030" report may be capturing news headlines, but a complex mosaic of change in the world's second largest economy suggests that China is already moving to fulfill its greater promise as a political and economic superpower.

Hong Kong Rising

Hong Kong, which will host the CFA Institute Asia Pacific Investment Conference, has experienced a financial renaissance fueled by the vibrancy of Asia’s economies and Hong Kong’s role linking China with the West, even as U.S. and European economies have struggled.

Five Perspectives on China’s “Investment Bubble”

Vikram Mansharamani used five different perspectives on China’s economy to argue that China’s investment-driven boom will be the next great financial bubble to burst, predicting significant drops in industrial commodity prices, commodity producers’ profitability, and even the currencies of the major commodity-producing countries.

Renminbi Internationalization: Outlook and Offshore Centers

Tse Yung Hoi discusses the possible influence that the Renminbi Qualified Foreign Institutional Investor (QFII) and RMB Foreign Direct Investment (FDI) schemes will have on the progress of RMB internationalization after Vice Premier Li Keqiang’s recent visit to Hong Kong and the role that the RMB will play in the global monetary system over the next 5 to 10 years.

Renminbi Internationalization: Background and Milestones

Wend Guo, CFA, recently sat down with Tse Yung Hoi to discuss the basic concepts, background, and key milestones of renminbi (RMB) internationalization, as well as lessons to be learned from the internationalization of the Japanese yen.

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