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The Return of Geopolitics: “Markets Hate Uncertainty”

Willis Sparks of the Eurasia Group discussed the potential effects of geopolitics as a market influencer in his presentation to the CFA Institute Middle East Investment Conference in Bahrain.

The C-Suite Speaks: Getting Back on Track

It was a holiday-shortened week last week, so there weren't a lot of companies talking. It is annual report season though, so a lot of this week's quotes come from shareholder letters. Commentary continues to be positive. Optimism has rebounded with the markets.

Weekend Reads for Global Investors: AlphaGo, China, and Brussels

In the latest edition of Weekend Reads for Global Investors, Larry Cao, CFA, highlights articles on AlphaGo, a Chinese insurer's bid for Starwood, and the Brussels terrorist attacks, all developments that demonstrate how fast the world we live in is changing.

24 Charts: Chaotic China

China expert Gordon Chang takes a deep dive into China's economic situation in this interview with Sloane Ortel.

China’s Dilemma: Stabilize Monetary Policy or the Renminbi?

Since 2016 began, the prospect of a major devaluation of China’s renminbi has been hanging over global markets like the Sword of Damocles. Although China's policymakers have worked hard to dispel worries, they have yet to persuade investors. Janet Zhang analyzes the causes of the depreciation, as well as the dilemma for China's policymakers.

China and the Commodity Complex

China is pushing its economy hard, hoping for a short-term reward, but is simultaneously saddling the country with enormous long-term costs that it is only now beginning to pay. Will China kill the economy in the process of driving growth?

Weekend Reads from China: What Investors Need to Know about the NPC Report

Amid recent developments in China and the speculation surrounding them, it is important for investors to understand the trends affecting the economy and the direction of China's macro policies. Three points in particular need to be highlighted.

Robert Engle on Systemic Risk in China and around the World

Nobel laureate Robert Engle discussed systemic risk in China and throughout the globe. His advice for investors? Treat credit risk as an important part of the investment decision-making process.

The C-Suite Speaks: Warren’s Wisdom

Last week was a slow one for earnings calls, but Warren Buffett did do an interview with CNBC that featured classic Buffett wisdom.

Weekend Reads for Investors: Gravity Edition

In this week's edition of Weekend Reads for Investors, Jason Voss, CFA, salutes the NFL champion Denver Broncos and curates selections on the gravity of falling global equity markets, behavioral biases, Einstein's relativity, and more.

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