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The FX Global Code: Why Now Is the Time

As the FX market grows and evolves, more needs to be done to improve its functioning and integrity.

What If Customers Came First?

Financial firms serve a number of stakeholders. But do they serve them equally? Can they? Should they? Robert Jenkins, adjunct professor of finance at London Business School and a governor of the CFA Institute, explores how boards are ranking various stakeholders in light of the recent financial crisis.

Are We Entering a New Era of Fiduciary Capitalism?

CFA Institute CEO John Rogers, CFA, is urging financial professionals to make their industry “a means to an end, rather than an end unto itself.”

Culture of Integrity Requires Financial Firms to Renew Focus on Middle Management

“Tone at the top” is a mantra that we hear time and again as the cure for the ethical decay that is permeating financial organizations. But if the industry really wants to create a culture of integrity, it must also establish a “tone at the middle.”

Codes of Ethics: If You Adopt One, Will They Behave?

Many institutions involved in the financial skullduggery that caused the 2008 crisis had adopted codes of ethics long before the housing bubble burst. Even Enron had espoused lofty ideals in it's official code. So why aren’t codes effective in deterring unethical behavior?

The Hildebrand Case: Ethics and the Power of Perception

The recent scandal that led Swiss National Bank chairman Philipp Hildebrand to resign highlights the difference between what is legal and what is ethical. The law tells us what we “can and cannot do,” whereas ethics tells us what we “should and should not do.”

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