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Poll: What Measures Are Effective in Managing Excessive E-mails?

What measures are effective against excessive e-mailing? When we asked readers, we found that there is no dominant method, but tight filters and rules and avoiding checking our own e-mail too often each secured about 30% of the votes.

Financial Advisers: Heed Gender Differences in Your Clients’ Communication Styles

Communication is key in relationships — not only in marriages and partnerships, but also between financial advisers and their clients. As such, it is important that advisers be aware of the differences between men's and women's communication styles so that they can be more effective when working with couples as well as current and future clients.

Poll: What Factor Plays the Most Important Role in One’s Career?

As professionals, our careers tend to be a high priority in our lives. Various factors shape our careers, but which one is the most important? When we asked this question in our reader survey this week, we received 1,136 responses, indicating that there is no single dominant factor.

Career Conversations: Persuasion (Podcast)

Seasoned sales and communication coach Paul Donehue argues that persuasion is much more powerful (and effective) than a command approach.

Five Key Strategies for Building Trust with Your Clients

Jamie Ziegler, cofounder of the consulting firm AUM Partners, offers five practical tips for learning how to better communicate, build, and demonstrate trust with clients, peers, and colleagues.

How Wealth Managers Can Stay Relevant in a World of Social Media

While the adoption of social media among wealth management firms is “at early stages,” according to a recent report, it is a communication channel that “financial institutions can no longer ignore.”

Using Social Network Effects to Enrich Yourself Like Facebook Does

Not all professional networks are created equal. But they can be shaped to improve leadership and analyzed for investment insights, says Northwestern University's Brian Uzzi.

Career Conversations: Can Your Career Benefit from a Mentor?

Sarah Dudney explains why having a mentor can benefit one’s professional career, describes how to go about finding a mentor, and discusses deriving maximum benefit from the mentor-mentee relationship.

What Do Clients Want? Five Tips for Better Adviser-Client Relationships

We often hear the phrase “trusted adviser," but is “trust” at the heart of the adviser-client relationship? Advisers only lose trust when they promise things they can't control, according to Deena Katz, an associate professor in the Personal Financial Planning department at Texas Tech University.

The Financial Adviser’s Guide to Twitter

Have you ever wondered why some tweets are valued more than others? (Think of the people you’ve followed, or “unfollowed,” in recent months and why.) Well, the wait is over. A new study, “Who Gives a Tweet? Evaluating Microblog Content Value,” provides some answers.

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