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Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR)

Human Rights Issues and Your Portfolio: The Risks and Opportunities

So what are the risks and opportunities associated with integrating or failing to integrate human rights issues into asset allocation considerations? Anjali Pradhan, CFA, explores the issue.

The Big Picture of Responsible Investing: An Interview with Rob Lake

To better see "the big picture" of responsible investing, which emphasizes environmental, social, and governance (ESG) issues, we spoke with Rob Lake, an independent advisor who helps asset owners invest responsibly.

Faith-Based Investing: Believers Engaging the Boardroom

Why, how, and to what effect do faith-based investors engage with companies to seek positive social and environmental change?

CSR in China Likely to Improve with Rising Income

According to "The Corporate Social Responsibility of Chinese Corporations," a new research paper from Ye Cai, Carrie Pan, and Meir Statman of Santa Clara University, the levels of CSR in China are relatively low but likely to grow with rising income levels.

Dilemmas in Responsible Investment: Lessons from the Lonmin Strike

While all investors are concerned with the risk and return of investing, some are also concerned with social and environmental impact of their investments. Céline Louche discusses the dilemmas these investors face.

Arab Spring and Milton Friedman: Is Reducing MENA’s Unemployment a Social Responsibility of Islamic Finance?

There has been much buzz about the potential social impacts of the rise of Islamic finance in the Arab Spring nations. But how do Islamic financial institutions view their responsibility to society?