Practical analysis for investment professionals


Weekend Reads for Global Investors: Abenomics, Brexit, and Credit Bubbles

In this edition: recent developments such as Brexit as well as insights from investment luminaries, including a Nobel Laureate's advice to his children on managing money and Edward Altman of Altman Z-score fame on global credit markets.

Book Review: How to Make Money with Junk Bonds

This well-written and occasionally humorous tutorial on investing in speculative-grade corporate debt covers the essential aspects of high-yield debt, including credit analysis and why one would want to invest in high-yield bonds in the first place. As a basic introduction to the high-yield debt market, the book can’t be beat.

Components of Credit Spreads and Their Importance

Credit spreads are a rich source of information about various risks. Here is a distillation of many research articles about credit spread components.

An Overview of Alternatives to Credit Ratings

In the wake of the Great Recession, many alternatives to the traditional credit-rating agencies are being considered. Here is an overview.

Take 15: Sovereign Credit Risk and Market Turmoil: Challenges for China’s Economic Policies

Jing Ulrich discusses the economic situation in China, the challenges for policymakers, the development of China’s capital markets, and the management of trillions of dollars of foreign exchange reserve assets in the context of heightened sovereign credit risk and… READ MORE ›

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