Practical analysis for investment professionals


What Is an Asset Class?

The economy has only a handful of truly fundamental drivers that influence different asset classes.

Diversification: High Dispersion Beats Low Correlation

When advisers talk about diversification their go-to variable is correlation. That's a mistake.

In Practice Summary: Reassessing the Drivers of Commodity Futures Returns

What is the effect on portfolio returns when the commodity futures market as a whole is in backwardation or contango during recessions and during unexpected inflation?

Inside Mexican Capital Markets with Jaime Lazaro, CFA

Ron Rimkus, CFA, interviews Jaime Lazaro, CFA, CEO of BBVA Asset Management in Mexico City, for an insider's perspective on the evolution of capital markets in Mexico.

Book Review: Your Complete Guide to Factor-Based Investing

Your Complete Guide to Factor-Based Investing is invaluable to practitioners who wish to design optimal portfolios. The authors define basic terms and discuss practical issues of implementation.

Weekend Listening: Listen Widely and Be Curious

Tadas Viskanta curates a selection of finance- and investment-related podcasts — from Barry Ritholtz and Tim Harford, among others — in the premiere edition of the Weekend Listening series on Enterprising Investor.

Alpha Wounds: A Lack of Diversity in the Human Resources Portfolio

Investment managers believe in diversifying their portfolio of investments, but what about their human resources portfolio?

The Diversification Dividend

The world equity portfolio is the most diversified equity portfolio available. Investing abroad in a geographically diversified way is easier than it used to be, and there are some great reasons to do it.

Assessing an Allocation to Global Stocks

Using global equities as part of a diversified portfolio still makes sense.

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