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Weekend Reads: How to Profit from a Crisis

Will Ortel summarizes three books that each offer its own flavor of apocalyptic investing and compiles a number of other articles to get you through the weekend.

Systemic Risk: You’ll Know It When You See It

With so much talk of systemic risk in recent years, there is surprisingly little consensus on what systemic risk actually is. So what is systemic risk? And how big a threat does it pose to markets today?

Lessons from the Financial Crisis

Former chair of the Federal Depositors Insurance Corporation (FDIC) Sheila C. Bair provides insight on the financial crisis and discusses how the system can be made more stable in a Take 15 interview.

The Swiss Franc: Markets 1, Central Banks 0

This week, when the Swiss National Bank broke the Swiss franc's cap to the euro, it demonstrated that the SNB had conceded central bank power to market power.

The Ruble Crisis: Where Oil Goes, the Ruble Follows

The present Russian ruble crisis has drawn many references in the media to the Russian sovereign debt default of 1998. But just how similar or different is the situation today?

Poll: Why Didn’t the Cyprus “Bail-In” Cause a Bank Run?

The recent “bail-in” of Cyprus by the EU, IMF and European Central Bank troika forced depositors in Cyprus banks to turn over about 40% of their assets to the banking system. This action hasn’t caused a bank run in the greater eurozone yet, so we asked professional investors why this is the case.

Libor Scandal Poll: What Did the BoE Know and When Did It Know It?

In a recent poll, 92% of the professional investors surveyed saw the Bank of England as complicit in the Libor scandal.

Anatomy of the MF Global Debacle

Here we go again: Another high-profile bankruptcy of a financial firm… Another scandal… It’s just another day on Wall Street, it seems. In October, following a series of debilitating credit downgrades and a steep drop in its stock price,… READ MORE ›

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