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Weekend Reads for Global Investors: Will the Fed Raise Rates and Why You Should Care

What will the Fed do next week? The world is watching and so should you.

Weekend Reads for Global Investors: Is a Global Currency War Breaking Out?

China's yuan continues to make news this week as investors weigh the impact of a potential global currency war. Will the the US Federal Reserve still be able to raise rates? Will emerging market investors still have a fighting chance?

Weekend Reads for Global Investors: What’s Next for Greece?

By the time you read this, we should know if the European finance ministers reached a deal Thursday to address the Greece situation. Either way, most believe that the "Greek tragedy" is unlikely to have a happy ending. And this situation bears watching because the end game will have significant implications for Greece, Europe, and the rest of the world.

Weekend Reads for Global Investors: What Drove Chinese Stocks Up 128% Last Year?

By now you might have seen the sensational headlines from all major financial news outlets: The Chinese stock market has finally crashed!

Weekend Reads for Global Investors: Oil Economics, Emerging Markets, and Some Lighter Fare

Where will oil price go from here? And how will it affect the global economy, markets, and investors' nest eggs? We have curated some expert views on this and more in this edition of Weekend Reads for Global Investors.

African Horizons: Develop a Strategy for Africa Now Before It’s Too Late

Develop a strategy for Africa now before it’s too late, say two experts on investing in Africa. Nathan Jaye, CFA, speaks with Melissa Cook, CFA, and Walé Adeosun, CFA, about the challenges and opportunities offered by the continent — and the biggest risk may be sitting the game out.

Where to Invest in Emerging Markets: Lessons from the Taper Tantrum

Emerging market investing offers great potential and yet is not without its risks, as was clearly demonstrated by the "taper tantrum" in 2013–14. So how can investors get the best of both worlds, reaping the benefits while containing the downside? A forthcoming book by Cornell University professor Andrew Karolyi seems to have revealed some of the answers.

Have Emerging Markets Emerged?

Have emerging markets really taken their place among the other investment asset classes? The answer is not only intellectually intriguing but also has real implications for investors worldwide.

India’s Infrastructure Investments: Huge Opportunities but No Takers

It’s no secret that big economies poised for rapid growth need robust infrastructure. Without the latter’s proper support, expansion will slow or worse, stall. This need is especially acute in India, where infrastructure development has lagged woefully behind that of the economy. With such pressing demand, there have been plenty of projects up for bidding. But investors are not biting.

The Coming Consumption Boom from the Emerging Middle Class

Vikram Mansharamani argues there is a great insight to be gleaned from trends in animal protein intake in emerging markets, even in highly vegetarian India. To tell this story at the recent India Investment Conference, he started by comparing GDP and population sizes among advanced economies and emerging markets.

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