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Weekend Reads for Finance Pros: myRA, Emerging Markets, and Women Investors

Over the past couple of weeks, two of the themes that dominated headlines in the US financial press were emerging markets and retirement, specifically President Obama's "myRA" proposal. Here are a few articles on both these topics, in case you missed them, along with some other interesting reads.

Poll: Which Emerging Market Is Facing the Most Difficult Economic Challenges?

Many expect that 2014 will be a challenging year for emerging markets. But which emerging market is currently facing the most difficult challenges? In a poll conducted earlier this week in the CFA… READ MORE ›

Emerging Markets Update: 2014 Looking Rough

As the US Federal Reserve continues with its taper plans, it is clear the status quo is radically shifting — and not just in the United States. Because the monetary system is global, the status quo is shifting around the world.

Weekend Reads for Investors: The Super Bowl Indicator

This weekend approximately half of US households will be watching the Denver Broncos and Seattle Seahawks compete in the 48th edition of the National Football League’s Super Bowl. It is typically a time when stock market observers cast seriousness aside and consider what the game’s outcome will mean for equity prices by examining the Super Bowl Indicator. First proposed in 1978, this theory holds that stocks will rise in the coming year if an original NFL franchise wins, but will fall if an old AFL team wins.

Poll: What Explains the Recent Decline in Emerging Markets?

Is the recent decline in emerging markets, the worst since 2011, a reflection of risks inherent in the markets themselves or merely investors reallocating their portfolios back to developed markets?

Roundup: India Investment Conference — The Road Ahead for India and Emerging Economies

A collection of highlights from Fourth Annual India Investment Conference. Different sessions at the event explored different views on the tapering of quantitative easing in the United States, specified challenges and key factors in sustaining economic growth in India, predicted future trends of the rupee, highlighted how the global energy landscape is affecting local oil prices, and issued a wake-up call for practitioners regarding ethical issues facing finance industry.

India and the Road Ahead

With economic growth at a decade low of 5% and a bevy of lagging economic indicators, India has had a rough year, and some analysts are predicting harder times ahead. Is the era of India's expansive economic growth over? Opinions on the road ahead are divided.

Fear of Investing in Africa Is Losing You Money

Africa has 15% of the world's population but controls less than 3% of global GDP. A trio of investment pros make the case that as Africa catches up opportunities will abound for investors.

How Will the FOMC Meeting Affect Fixed-Income Markets?

A number of factors, including Fed Chair Ben Bernanke’s comments about a September taper, currency volatility creating turmoil in emerging markets, and conflicting analyses of jobless claims in the United States have placed an unusual emphasis on this week’s meeting of the Federal Open Market Committee. The committee’s decisions will have a far-reaching impact on fixed-income markets around the world. Here’s a curated list of articles to help you understand the issues facing those markets, and how they may respond.

Frontier Markets Faring Better than Emerging Markets

Mutual funds that invest in emerging markets have reportedly seen more than $2 billion in outflows so far in 2013, while funds focused on frontier markets have seen assets under management swell by more than $1.5 billion in the year to date. What explains this divergence in fortunes? The answer seems to be related to the comparative degree of integration in the global economy and appetite for foreign capital.

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