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Take 15: Enhanced ESG Disclosure and Long-Term Investing in Europe (Video)

Steve Waygood, chief responsible investment officer at Aviva Investors, explains the European Commission’s adoption of a proposal to enhance business transparency on environmental and social issues and the implications for long-term investing.

Corporate Lobbying: Can Transparency Mitigate the Risk for Investors?

The usual suspects in lobbying scandals are now often large corporations and their trade associations. Can corporate lobbying be done with transparency and integrity? And what risks does corporate lobbying carry for investors?

Sustainability: An Investment Perspective

Glenn Silverman, CFA, chief investment officer at Investment Solutions, describes four unsustainable global trends and how they impact every investor.

Impact Investing: Turning a Profit and Changing the World

Impact investing, a rapidly growing sector of socially responsible investing (SRI), represents the nexus of philanthropy and traditional finance: It expands the definition of return on invested capital to include both financial and social returns.

Faith-Based Investing: Believers Engaging the Boardroom

Why, how, and to what effect do faith-based investors engage with companies to seek positive social and environmental change?

The Best Learning Resources on Corporate Governance: Robert A. G. Monks Shares His Picks (Podcast)

Robert A. G. Monks, a pioneer of corporate governance, shares his picks for the best learning resources.

CSR in China Likely to Improve with Rising Income

According to "The Corporate Social Responsibility of Chinese Corporations," a new research paper from Ye Cai, Carrie Pan, and Meir Statman of Santa Clara University, the levels of CSR in China are relatively low but likely to grow with rising income levels.

Impact Investing: Poised for Growth

Daniela G. Lee, CFA, summarizes the main takeaways from a special half-day educational event organized by CFA San Francisco on the topic of impact investing.

Dilemmas in Responsible Investment: Lessons from the Lonmin Strike

While all investors are concerned with the risk and return of investing, some are also concerned with social and environmental impact of their investments. Céline Louche discusses the dilemmas these investors face.

Social Impact Bonds: Turning the Recidivism Rate into an Internal Rate of Return

Is it possible to earn a return by investing in reducing recidivism among prisoners? The link between the economic activity of investing and the social problem of prisoners who are repeat offenders may be far from obvious, but the answer is yes, it is possible.

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