Practical analysis for investment professionals

Financial engineering

Modern Variants of Capitalism, Part 2: Financial Capitalism

In financial capitalism, wealth is transaction-based rather than operational.

Weekend Reads for Investors: Taxing Matters

The rise of inversions may say as much about the lack of opportunities for growth that companies see as it does about the burdensome US tax code or the cleverness of investment bankers and accountants.

Can Financial Engineering Cure Cancer?

It may seem an odd question, but can financial engineering cure cancer? No less an intellectual light than Andrew W. Lo of MIT thinks financial engineering is a possibly potent weapon to aid in the ages old pursuit for a cancer cure.

Bill Gross Expects No Monetary Tightening before 2016 — What Next for Asset Allocation?

Should asset allocation be adjusted in response to newly formed macroeconomic expectations, or should investors continue to use models based solely on past data and wait until a set time horizon expires?

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