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Book Review: Validation of Risk Management Models for Financial Institutions

Validation of Risk Management Models for Financial Institutions, through a set of thoughtful articles, describes how effective structuring and testing of the modeling techniques used in risk management can support better financial decision making.

Weekend Reads for Investors: Post-Election Pick-Me-Up

Jason Voss, CFA, provides his picks for this week's edition of Weekend Reads. This post-US presidential election pick-me-up features principles of non-violent communication, the dangers of p-values, time crystals, and more.

Academic Finance as a Check on Pretensions

Investment professionals recognize that the markets are messy places, filled with less than rational participants. From their perspective, this can obviate any further discussion about the value of academic finance and its models. But this puts too high a threshold on the measure of academia.

Making Sophisticated Financial Models Available to All: Thinknum

Thinknum is an open architecture, distributed computing site for aggregating financial data and financial models. Here is an interview with their founders, Justin Zhen and Gregory Ugwi.

Investing and Withdrawal Strategies During Retirement: The “Retire Well” Bucket Approach

Today retirees face five perils: inflation, investment, longevity, withdrawal, and healthcare risk. Providend CEO Christopher Tan says retirees need a plan not only to cope with these risks but also to provide reliable income.

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