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Bill Gross Expects No Monetary Tightening before 2016 — What Next for Asset Allocation?

Should asset allocation be adjusted in response to newly formed macroeconomic expectations, or should investors continue to use models based solely on past data and wait until a set time horizon expires?

Global Trends to Watch: Beyond Futurist David Houle’s Frontiers

There is no such thing as a future fact. Facts by definition are things that occurred in the past, but investing unfolds in the future. So what a skilled futurist thinks about the future is potentially investable information. Earlier this year I discussed the major themes of David Houle‘s new book, as well as tools analysts can use to better discount the future. In this portion of my talk with Houle he discusses: a possible fix for global warming; his view of how the dominating theme for humanity in the 21st century; and whether economics or government will be the most important source of power.

The Forces Reshaping Europe and the World and Opportunities for Investors (Video)

The veteran investor Felix W. Zulauf, president of Zulauf Asset Management AG, discusses the future of the eurozone and China’s effects on the world economy.

Forecasting Macro Trends: Futurist David Houle on the “Shift Age” (Video)

Leading futurist David Houle, author of "Entering the Shift Age," discusses and contextualizes our world to better highlight emerging trends for investors.

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