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Special Report: Building an India Resistant to Currency Shocks and Inflation

In part one of a two-part interview with Pradip Shah, the founding managing director of Crisil, Chairman at IndAsia Fund Advisors, and a board member at several India-based companies, we discuss how India has recovered from currency shocks, how it might recover further, and the progress of various initiatives that have been undertaken to mitigate the impact of those factors on India's vast population living in poverty.

Special Report: Is Corporate India Healthy?

As we continue our special coverage of India, it becomes important to ask the obvious: How are Indian companies doing?

India’s Importance Abroad: The Rise of the Indian Diaspora

Anita Raghavan discusses her book The Billionaire's Apprentice.

Special Report: What is India, and what is its Future?

Sunil Singhania, CFA, speaks on India's importance.

Frontier Markets Faring Better than Emerging Markets

Mutual funds that invest in emerging markets have reportedly seen more than $2 billion in outflows so far in 2013, while funds focused on frontier markets have seen assets under management swell by more than $1.5 billion in the year to date. What explains this divergence in fortunes? The answer seems to be related to the comparative degree of integration in the global economy and appetite for foreign capital.

Volatility in Emerging Markets: Resources on Currency and Capital Flows

Emerging markets are vulnerable to aggressive inflows and outflows of capital — and that vulnerability has been on display over the past few weeks, especially in India, where the rupee has lost 15% of its value since March. These highlights from recent CFA Institute conferences help shed light on the current turmoil.

China Watcher Fraser Howie: Faster Pace of Economic Reform Not Likely

The author of "Red Capitalism" and "Privatizing China" is not optimistic about the substance and pace of financial and economic liberalization.

How to Invest in a Low-Yield World

Lim Chow Kiat, CFA, group chief investment officer of the Government of Singapore Investment Corporation, tackled one of the most vexing questions in the investment world today: how to invest in a low-yield world.

Take 15: India’s Opportunities in Tomorrow’s World

Clint R. Laurent discusses how the resolution of sovereign debt problems in the United States and the Eurozone will affect economic activity and the flows of trade and finance across the globe. Specifically, he touches upon the substantial challenges faced by India and the rest of east Asia in the composition of demand and output and how major bond, equity, and currency markets anticipate the incipient cyclical and structural shifts in the world economy.

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