Practical analysis for investment professionals

Initial Public Offering (IPO)

The Innovation Advantage: Private Market Investing

The potential advantages of private market investments, specifically venture equity and venture debt investing, extend to five dimensions of performance.

SPAC Fever: Clear and Present Danger?

How do special-purpose acquisition companies (SPACs) serve public investors?

How Long Does Competitive Advantage Last? A Sector Analysis

Does a firm’s competitive advantage tend to endure longer in some sectors than others?

In Private Markets, Red Is the New Black

Private capital fund managers do not expect their portfolio businesses to report a profit.

Investing for Retirement: Beware the Unicorn IPO Stampede

Many of today's unicorns have strong growth prospects, but they often have uncertain paths to profitability. 

Is Privatization in the Future of GCC Countries?

Privatization appears to be slowly rearing its head in the Middle East again, mostly in the economic plans of the GCC countries and in Egypt. To be clear, this is not because attitudes have changed. Divestment from state-owned enterprises is seen as a last resort in the Gulf countries in light of the fiscal tightening.

Weekend Reads for Investors: The S&P 500 and IPOs Sputter, Private Markets Pick Up the Slack

The market for IPOs, traditionally a useful barometer of the collective appetite of investors, suggests a slowdown is at hand in the United States.

Weekend Reads for Investors: Disruption, Damodaran, and Dalio

Growing tensions in Iraq may have temporarily dampened the mood of equity investors over the past week, but as we approach the year’s midpoint, most major stock markets remain near record highs.

Do Investors Recognise the Conflicts and Incentives in IPOs?

The process for initial public offerings (IPOs) is one of the most opaque areas of the market and is ripe for reform.

Financial Advisers: How to Counsel Clients in a Hot IPO Market

This year is on track to be a banner year for IPOs. It's important that financial advisers remind clients about the data on the long-term underperformance of IPOs, and if they still insist on buying shares, that they do so from a pool of money that has been specifically set aside for this purpose.