Practical analysis for investment professionals


Are Financial Advisers Supposed to Get Paid?

While financial advisers worry about competing with low-cost robo-advisers, some argue even those fees are too high. That begs the question: are advisers supposed to get paid?

Innovative Writings on Innovation

So many questions and opinions and even passions swirl around the topic of innovation. Here are five books on the subject.

Finance Shouldn’t Think Small

It's time to think ambitiously about the services that investment professionals can provide in the future.

The Robot Revolution: Innovation Begets Innovation

In the United States alone, companies bought about 22,500 robots in 2013. Clearly, technology is permeating our lives. But will it put us all out of work?

Weekend Reads for Advisers: Our Brains, Psychopaths, and (Failed) Resolutions

Back in my fomer life, I was a reporter and editor at the Financial Times, where, for a time, I edited James Altucher’s regular FT column. His musings were often irreverent and amusing and, needless to say, attracted a… READ MORE ›

Futurology — Can Things Only Get Better or Worse?

The only certainty about the future is that it will continue to serve as an endless source of debate for intellectuals and economists.

Weekend Reads for Financial Advisors: Fragile Nest Eggs, Happiness, and Luck vs. Skill

I want it, and I want it NOW! Sound familiar? While that petulant behavior may remind you of your toddler, it's surprisingly common in adults, too. That's because it is an example of "temporal discounting" — our tendency to want things now rather than later. It seems we are hardwired for instant gratification.

The Economist’s Vijay Vaitheeswaran: Can Innovation Save the World?

Terrorism and financial crises continue to grab headlines, but they pale when compared to three mega-trends that humanity must address in the coming decades.

Financial Innovation: Helpful or Harmful to Markets?

The legacy of financial innovation was the subject of a recent panel discussion, where three leading practitioners assessed some of the most widely debated innovations of our time, including high-frequency trading, dark pools trading venues, and the Dutch auction model for initial public offerings.

Robert Shiller: In Praise of Financial Innovation

The Yale University economics professor reminded delegates at the CFA Institute Financial Analysts Seminar last week that cynicism about finance and financial innovation is a symptom of misplaced frustration with today's crises.

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