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Weekend Reads for Global Investors: Is Glencore the Next Lehman Brothers?

What is Glencore and why is it making headlines around the world? Larry Cao, CFA, walks readers through the story of this potential "next Lehman Brothers" and highlights other useful and illuminating content in his latest edition of Weekend Reads for Global Investors.

Decision Making and Counterintuition in Investing

Investing is more than just a numbers game. Michael J. Mauboussin discusses the psychological and behavioral elements of investing, and why cognitive diversity is essential for your team’s success.

Alpha Wounds: A Lack of Diversity in the Human Resources Portfolio

Investment managers believe in diversifying their portfolio of investments, but what about their human resources portfolio?

Weekend Reads: Oliver Sacks, Memory, Munger, and Momentum

Back in 1991, when I was about halfway through a two-and-half year work-travel adventure that took me from Cape Town, South Africa, to mucking out stables on a horse farm in France, fruit-picking in Australia, and various stints in London, including staffing the front of house at a theater in the West End, I stumbled upon the late Oliver Sacks's wonderful book The Man Who Mistook His Wife for a Hat.

New Insight into Private Equity

After the hiatus of the credit crunch, when private equity investors were rudely reminded that illiquidity can magnify downside risks, PE is now back in favor, with fundraising at record levels.

The Ultimate Satisfice: Is Irrational Behavior Good for Markets?

If it wasn’t for the impulsive, overconfident, irrationally exuberant, cognitively biased masses and their quirky behavior, we would have no markets at all.

Book Review: How to Really Ruin Your Financial Life and Portfolio

The author draws on his own investing experience to deliver a tongue-in-cheek guide on how to avoid common financial mistakes. Seasoned professionals and novice investors alike will laugh their way through the book’s lessons because the author possesses a brimming wit and a lifetime of collected wisdom, often gained through the same mistakes he cautions readers against.

Where to Find Valuable Investment Information

One of the existential considerations for investors is: Where do I find valuable investment information on companies? Deciphering an answer to this question was the focus of our latest CFA Institute Financial NewsBrief poll.

The Role of Institutional Investors in Curbing Corporate Short-Termism

Institutional investors are the majority owners of most publicly traded companies but allow activist hedge funds with smaller positions to push through corporate changes. Robert Pozen argues that institutional investors should actively participate to ensure that the outcome promotes long-term growth instead of temporary price spurts.

Africa Rising: Now Is the Time to Invest in the World’s Fastest-Growing Continent

Many investors say that Africa is still too risky, but the biggest risk may be not investing in Africa in the first place.

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