Practical analysis for investment professionals

Investment Decision Making

Decision Making and Counterintuition in Investing

Investing is more than just a numbers game. Michael J. Mauboussin discusses the psychological and behavioral elements of investing, and why cognitive diversity is essential for your team’s success.

Financial History: How to Learn from It

We are part of the history that future generations will study and we owe it to ourselves and the clients we serve to thoughtfully consider lessons from the past when making decisions that will impact our future.

Earnings Estimates and Investment Decision Making

Earlier this week we polled CFA Institute Financial Newsbrief readers, asking, “To what degree do earnings estimates factor into your investment decision making?”

The Top Five Accounting Mistakes Analysts Make

Shocking as it may seem, most research analysts and investors still commit elementary accounting errors when analyzing financial statements. Here are some of the more common mistakes.

Poll: How Useful Are Social Media Channels in Your Investment Decision-Making Process?

Social media can be a tool for gauging the perceptions of others, be it the market's receptivity to a company's product or the feelings investors have about a particular stock or bond.

Weekend Reads for Finance Pros: Trading on Fear, Robo-Advisers, and Retirement

It turns out how we take on investment risk is in large measure a function of our genetics. Other factors play a role, but our genes seem to exert the most influence according to a recent study.

Skills That Separate You as an Investment Manager: Absolute vs. Relative Decision Making

If you would like to separate yourself from the crowd of highly motivated and highly intelligent candidates try adding the following to your arsenal of skills: absolute vs. relative decision making.

Optimizing the Investment Process: Michael Mauboussin’s Strategies for Making Decisions under Uncertainty

At the recent CFA Society of the UK Annual Conference in London, Michael Mauboussin, chief investment officer at Legg Mason Capital Management, laid out some best practices, including paying attention to process versus outcome, having the odds in one’s favor, and understanding the role of time.

Bankable Insights: Overcoming Anxiety Is Key to Investment Success

Anxiety is an instinctively powerful force that stands in the way of good investment decisions. Here are some timeless tips for overcoming its effects.

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