Practical analysis for investment professionals

Investment Idea Generation

Daniel Kahneman: Psychology for Behavioral Finance

The Nobel Prize winner and preeminent expert on cognitive biases distilled much of his research findings into bite-sized portions.

Using Twitter To Understand Information and Improve Investment Returns

Twitter is an excellent resource for investors wanting to understand information and improve investment returns.

Take 15: New Tool for Bond Managers: Leveraging on Equity Market Analysis to Outperform?

Dan diBartolomeo discusses how bond managers can come out of the "silo" and leverage information implicit in the equity markets to gain an edge in managing bond portfolios. The "market implicit expected life of firms" concept, derived from contingent claims models, can be applied to sovereign as well as corporate credits on a global basis for this purpose.

Generating Investment Ideas: Interview with Entegra’s Jim Butcher (Part 2)

In the second half of this interview with the CEO of Entegra Partners, Jim Butcher outlines the benefits of scenario planning, which he thinks is especially useful in these uncertain times.

Generating Investment Ideas: Interview with Entegra’s Jim Butcher (Part 1)

Scenario planning is a valuable tool for all financial professionals, ranging from those in corporate finance to those in investment management. Part one of an interview with ex-Morgan Stanely/Entegra Partners' Jim Butcher.

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