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UK Active Fund Managers: Analyzing Their Value

Every day investors are inundated with noise — almost all of it irrelevant — about what they should do. Then, when there really is something important — information that will genuinely help you achieve better returns — it often gets drowned out. Such is the case with a recent study on the merits of active fund management.

Book Review: The Handbook of Market Design

This handbook provides an insightful set of articles on the impact of economics and game theory on the development of structures to solve market design problems. Bringing together the latest research in this growing field, the editors provide a detailed overview on how market mechanisms can be used to solve problems of matching and exchange.

Are Financial Advisers Supposed to Get Paid?

While financial advisers worry about competing with low-cost robo-advisers, some argue even those fees are too high. That begs the question: are advisers supposed to get paid?

Book Review: Asset Management

This highly engaging book will be warmly received by a wide audience. Anyone teaching entry-level finance should consider adopting it, and practitioners will be well rewarded by a close reading. It belongs on the front shelves of pension and endowment managers, who should read and reread the chapters on hedge funds, real estate, commodities, and private equity.

A View to the Future: Changes in the Investment Industry

By 2030, investment management will be transformed by megatrends that are already reshaping the industry, according to a new study.

Finance Shouldn’t Think Small

It's time to think ambitiously about the services that investment professionals can provide in the future.

Will Passively Managed Assets Continue to Grow Relative to Actively Managed Assets in 2015?

While actively managed funds still account for 83% of global assets under management according to recent Morningstar data, passively managed funds have been gaining ground in recent years. This prompted us to ask CFA Institute Financial NewsBrief readers if they expected this trend to continue in 2015.

What Makes a Great Trader? An Interview with Jack Schwager

Jack Schwager discusses some of the traders featured in his book, The Little Book of Market Wizards.

Poll: Are Flash Freezes a Permanent Part of the Investment Business?

In the past few years, trading-volume increases have come predominantly from high-frequency traders, driving exchanges' profit growth and exchanges' attention. In other words, the trading world is now a silicon world to which investors must adapt.

Investment Strategy: Rethinking Hedge Fund Indices

Creating a hedge fund index that reflects investor experience is certainly a challenge, but the assertions made in the academic research point fingers at the wrong issues. Ted Seides thinks it worthwhile to set the record straight.

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