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Will Passively Managed Assets Continue to Grow Relative to Actively Managed Assets in 2015?

While actively managed funds still account for 83% of global assets under management according to recent Morningstar data, passively managed funds have been gaining ground in recent years. This prompted us to ask CFA Institute Financial NewsBrief readers if they expected this trend to continue in 2015.

What Makes a Great Trader? An Interview with Jack Schwager

Jack Schwager discusses some of the traders featured in his book, The Little Book of Market Wizards.

Poll: Are Flash Freezes a Permanent Part of the Investment Business?

In the past few years, trading-volume increases have come predominantly from high-frequency traders, driving exchanges' profit growth and exchanges' attention. In other words, the trading world is now a silicon world to which investors must adapt.

Investment Strategy: Rethinking Hedge Fund Indices

Creating a hedge fund index that reflects investor experience is certainly a challenge, but the assertions made in the academic research point fingers at the wrong issues. Ted Seides thinks it worthwhile to set the record straight.

Take 15: Insights from an Indexing Pioneer (Video)

Gus Sauter, who managed Vanguard’s flagship index funds during a period of exponential growth, reflects on the merits of passive and active investing, while sharing his thoughts on financial industry innovation.

Asset Management Industry Faces Challenges in 2013 (Video)

"Asset management companies are in a terrible position at the moment," Paul H. Smith, CFA, managing director, Asia Pacific at CFA Institute, said in a recent interview with Asia Asset Management. "They're squeezed on the income side, and they're squeezed on the cost side."

Robert Shiller: In Praise of Financial Innovation

The Yale University economics professor reminded delegates at the CFA Institute Financial Analysts Seminar last week that cynicism about finance and financial innovation is a symptom of misplaced frustration with today's crises.

Investment Management Fees Are (Much) Higher Than You Think

Although some critics grouse about them, most investors have long thought that investment management fees can best be described in one word: low. Indeed, fees are seen as so low that they are almost inconsequential when choosing an investment manager. This view, however, is a delusion.

Role of Asset Managers in the UK Equity Market: More Questions than Answers

What role should asset managers play in supporting the long-term growth of publicly listed companies in the UK equity market? This query raised more questions than answers at a recent continuing education event organized by the CFA Society of the UK.

Limited-Purpose Banking: Can It Fix the Financial System?

Jimmy Stewart Is Dead.

It’s not an obituary. It’s the title of a recent book by Laurence Kotlikoff, a prominent economist and a professor at Boston University. The title is referring to the 1940s feel-good movie, READ MORE ›

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