Practical analysis for investment professionals

Investment Philosophy

Radical Uncertainty in Finance: The Origins of Probability Theory

How did modern society succumb to the illusion that uncertainty can be transformed into calculable risks?

What Is Your Belief System?

If you can isolate the beliefs that are truly influential in your professional work, you can improve your success rate significantly, says Jim Ware, CFA. Ask yourself, “What do I believe is true? And how does this affect my decisions and behavior?”

The Key to Great Investing

A number of different investing strategies are effective, but the key is not so much to find any one approach in particular, but to apply it with discipline, says Isaac Presley, CFA.

Alpha Wounds: Culture vs. Philosophy Mismatch

Jason Voss, CFA, discusses the importance of aligning investment firm culture with investment philosophy to maximize alpha.

“Contrarian” Chronicles Life and Legacy of Sir John Templeton, CFA

Thanks to his extraordinary track record as an investor, the late John Templeton, CFA, ranks alongside Warren Buffett and George Soros as one of the most successful money managers of all time. Still, for many investment professionals today, Templeton is less well known.

Interaction of My Investment Muses

A discussion of what investment DNA that may be driving your current investments.

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