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Islamic Finance

Malik and Awadallah: Economic Fragmentation of the Arab World

Adeel Malik from the University of Oxford and Bassem Awadallah, founder and CEO of Tomoh Advisory, analyse the deep roots of the relative economic failure of the wider Arab world.

Arab Spring and Milton Friedman: Is Reducing MENA’s Unemployment a Social Responsibility of Islamic Finance?

There has been much buzz about the potential social impacts of the rise of Islamic finance in the Arab Spring nations. But how do Islamic financial institutions view their responsibility to society?

Islamic Finance: Bringing Ethics to the Center of Finance

Tarek El Diwany believes the core value proposition of Islamic Finance is to bring ethics to the center of finance and when this is achieved, everyone stands to gain.

Occupy Wall Street and Islamic Finance: Economic Justice Is Enticing — But Elusive

Both OWS movement and Islamic finance aspire to reduce economic injustice but experience of Islamic financial sector shows that economic justice is enticing but elusive.

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