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market volatility

Best of 2016: Active Management Fights Back

Mark Harrison, CFA, provides a list of the most popular articles of 2016 from CFA Institute's Financial Analysts Journal and CFA Digest.

Mind the Gap: Wall Street Forecasts and YTD Returns

Despite Wall Street expectations that the S&P 500 would rise 8% in 2016, the index fell 7% in December and January. Five points of that decline came in January alone. But January’s slide was only just greater than one standard deviation move. As we’ll see, one month can handily destroy expectations going forward.

Cutting through the Noise of Volatile Markets

Changing conditions impair the signal-to-noise ratio. Investors should commit more time to looking for deeper explanations for market behavior.

Investing amid Volatility: A Resource Guide

In response to recent market turmoil, we have assembled a list of articles, presentations. and observations that we hope are timely and helpful.

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