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Six Ways Millennials Are Using Money That You’re Not

Every generation has unique attitudes, values, and quirks that distinguish it from its parent generation. Two of the most distinguishing features of millennials are increasingly high levels of education and technological prowess. These new attitudes are remarkably reflected in how millennials use money.

Weekend Reads for Finance Pros: Happiness, Active vs. Passive Investing, and Millennials

One of my favorite pastimes is to walk through Central Park. I find a bench, take out my newspaper, and quietly survey the scenery. This morning I did just that en route to the office, and it reminded me… READ MORE ›

Financial Advisers: Do You Have a Strategy to Attract Millennials?

A new report finds that Millennials are much less likely than the older generations to have contact with financial advisors. And yet they also make up a larger percentage of those with $2 million+ in assets than Gen X. Advisors need to prepare for the new, wealthy clients of the future.

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