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multi-asset strategies

Navigating a China Dip

Visiting Hong Kong for the first time in two decades, Mark Harrison, CFA, sees evidence of breakneck economic transformation everywhere. But what happens when the music stops?

Inside Mexican Capital Markets with Jaime Lazaro, CFA

Ron Rimkus, CFA, interviews Jaime Lazaro, CFA, CEO of BBVA Asset Management in Mexico City, for an insider's perspective on the evolution of capital markets in Mexico.

Risk Parity Made Easy: Cliff’s Notes and Other Key Readings

What is risk parity? Is leverage an essential part of the strategy? How have risk strategies performed over time? Larry Cao, CFA, addresses these questions and highlights some of the most insightful readings on the subject.

To Rebalance or Not to Rebalance

Does rebalancing add value? More specifically, are the people who have the most to gain from rebalancing actively engaged in the practice? And are those who are actively rebalancing actually benefiting from the exercise? These are questions to which all professional money managers should have crystal clear answers.

Myron Scholes on the Challenges the Investment Management Industry Faces

In the fifth installment of his multi-asset series, Larry Cao, CFA, speaks with Nobel laureate Myron Scholes on the challenges that he sees confronting the investment management industry.

Portfolio Evaluation: Benchmarking for Success

Can portfolio evaluation be done in a way that helps investment managers succeed? For the latest installment in his multi-asset strategy series, Larry Cao, CFA, posed this question to some of the smartest institutional investors around. Here's what they had to say.

An Advance in Portfolio Construction

What’s the secret sauce for making a multi-asset strategy successful? This past December, in Singapore, I asked the speakers on my panel at the Southeast Asia Institutional Investment Forum that question and their answers shared one common element.

Three Key Decisions in Formulating an Asset Allocation Strategy

What are the most important things to get right in formulating your asset allocation strategy? We are pleased to share with you insights from some of the best and brightest practitioners in the field.

Multi-Asset Strategies: A Primer

Multi-asset strategies are the decathlons of the investment industry. They require practically all the investment skills one can think of, from securities selection at the individual asset class level to asset allocation at the overall level.

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