Practical analysis for investment professionals

risk analysis

Evergrande: Not So Grand Financial Statements?

Risks can be known in advance. You just need to be curious enough.

ETFs: The Systemic Risk Compass

Do exchange-traded funds (ETFs) pose systemic risk? Or are such concerns exaggerated? A panel of experts weighed in.

Book Review: Opening Credit

Focusing on traded credit, the authors lay out the basic principles of fundamental corporate credit analysis and illustrate the key elements with recent examples. They explain why credit analysis should be focused on management rather than reported financial results. To be useful to credit analysts, financial results should be adjusted to reflect the company’s “economic behavior.” The authors also discuss common company manipulations and effective methods for dealing with these manipulations.

Agriculture-Related Water Risks: Understanding the Threat

Although investors are increasingly aware of water risks in their portfolios linked to agriculture, there is still work to be done to improve risk analysis and mitigation strategies. Several investors have begun by simply asking companies for better disclosure of agriculture supply chain risks.

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