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Smart beta

Shortcuts to Factor Investing: Multifactor Portfolios and Benchmarking

Mark Harrison, CFA, looks at combining factors in multifactor portfolios and considers issues of performance measurement in factor investing, in the third installment of his Shortcuts to Factor Investing series.

Shortcuts to Factor Investing: Equities and Beyond

In the latest installment of his Shortcuts to Factor Investing series, Mark Harrison, CFA, takes a deeper dive into equities and factor investing's wider applications to other asset classes, including fixed income.

Shortcuts to Factor Investing 101

If investors have the option to cheaply replicate their desired exposures to help solve their portfolio problems, then why shouldn't they? Mark Harrison, CFA, curates the latest insights on what is meant by smart beta and factor investing and how they differ.

Best of 2016: Active Management Fights Back

Mark Harrison, CFA, provides a list of the most popular articles of 2016 from CFA Institute's Financial Analysts Journal and CFA Digest.

Will Smart Beta Be the Next Industry Disruption?

It is too early to say whether smart beta can deliver disruptive innovation to the investment world. But it already appears to be chipping away at parts of the active management product space.

Weekend Reads: Smart Beta, Robo-Advisers, and What Makes a Good Life

I don't know about you, but I find that vacations — and by that I mean vacations that are largely free from the distraction and intrusion of email — offer a rare opportunity for reflection. It's always helpful to have some distance from the office or one's country of residence to get a fresh perspective.

Where’s the Beef?! Is Your Low-Fee Smart Beta Product Ripping You Off?

So what do hamburgers and price per pound have to do with equity-oriented long-only smart beta products? A lot more than you think.

Weekend Reads for Global Investors: AlphaGo, China, and Brussels

In the latest edition of Weekend Reads for Global Investors, Larry Cao, CFA, highlights articles on AlphaGo, a Chinese insurer's bid for Starwood, and the Brussels terrorist attacks, all developments that demonstrate how fast the world we live in is changing.

Five Pieces of Conventional Wisdom That Make Smart Investors Look Dumb

Conventional wisdom is quite often wrong and misapprehensions can easily prevail, cemented perhaps by groupthink tendencies intrinsic to peer-influenced media.

Investors Need to Understand the Risks of Smart Beta

The low-yield environment has many investors seeking new sources of outperformance. One development has been the growth of so-called smart beta investments, a $400 billion ETF market with a strong flow of funds from both institutions and retail investors. But are such funds really “smart” and do they truly have the potential to boost performance?

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