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How Media Coverage Affects Hedge Fund Returns (Podcast)

Recent research indicates that hedge fund managers tend to underperform after being covered in the press. One of the study's authors discusses the findings in detail.

Weekend Reads for Financial Advisers: Smart Beta, Luck vs. Skill, and Behavioral Finance

Lauren Foster rounds up the best articles on investing, retirement, and ethics from the last couple weeks.

Five Ways Financial Advisers Can Add Value in a Low Interest Rate Environment

The US Federal Reserve’s easy money policies may be helping to prop up the global economy, but they are making life difficult for people who own income-producing financial assets — and the advisers and wealth managers they turn to for advice.

Behavioral Finance and the “Freudian Put”: An Interview with StockTwits’ Phil Pearlman

Several days ago CFA Institute sat down with a man who has his finger on the pulse of the markets better than most, Phil Pearlman, executive editor of StockTwits.

Details You May Have Missed at Social Investing: Digital Wall Street

A panel of financial social media influencers and startup founders discussed the current state of social investing, as part of New York Social Media Week. Here are some highlights from the event.

Take 15: The Future of the Wealth Management Industry (Video)

Sebastian Dovey explains the importance of a deeper understanding of the client, the implications of the digital revolution, the cross-cultural influences on client profile, and how these dynamics will shape the future of the wealth management industry.

Unfollowing the Crowd: Investor Sentiment Causes Higher Volatility

Which influential investors should diligent equity investors follow? Should you be following anybody?

Will the “Value Investing Challenge” Yield the Next Great Investment Idea?

Yesterday the Value Investing Challenge, a partnership between the Value Investing Congress and SumZero, announced the three finalists for its inaugural investment idea contest, from which a winner will be announced at the 8th Annual New York Value Investing Congress, to be held October 1–2, 2012 in New York City. The winner will also be asked to present at the conference, which will also feature presentations by headliners David Einhorn and Bill Ackman.

Ethics and Social Media: Four Key Considerations for Investment Professionals

While some governments have provided guidance to the investment industry about the use of social media, many countries have yet to issued regulations. Regardless of what local bodies dictate, the CFA Code of Ethics and Standards of Professional Conduct provides an excellent framework for investment professionals to consider when representing themselves or their businesses online.

Learn to Leverage Social Media to Enhance Your Career (Podcast)

Miriam Salpeter, author of Social Networking for Career Success, explains the importance of social media as a channel to enhance your professional reputation and to become known as a thought leader in your field. She offers practical advice and instruction on how to leverage specific functionality that can help you brand and differentiate yourself.

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