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The C-Suite Speaks: Business as Usual?

The C-suite struck an optimistic tone on earnings calls last week. While almost every management team mentioned macroeconomic uncertainty, most executives (outside of the energy sector) were pleased with business conditions. They were even positive on the environment in China. But it’s a little hard to believe that everything is business as usual. Read more

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The C-Suite Speaks: Banks See Strength

The first full week of earnings season is always filled with reports from the nation’s banks. Banks typically give the best read on the economy of any industry and for now they sound relatively upbeat. Outside of energy, credit has remained strong and management teams are optimistic about prospects for loan growth. Still, there’s reason to be skeptical. Read more


The C-Suite Speaks: Countdown to Liftoff

The US Federal Reserve may raise interest rates from the zero-bound for the first time in seven years this week. I know we’ve all got Fed fatigue, but this really is an important shift in policy. Plus, what are high-yield spreads saying about credit quality in non-energy sectors? AT&T and Verizon confirm that handset sales are weak this quarter, and energy companies continue to search for a bottom. Read more

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