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Swiss National Bank

Top Five Articles from January: Oil Prices, Bitcoins, Swiss Francs, and Charts

Top articles from January explore the recent oil price plunge, the fundamental utility of bitcoins, what the recent moves by the Swiss National Bank (SNB) mean for the interplay between central banks and markets, and offer some revealing charts on deflation and other topics.

The Swiss Franc: Markets 1, Central Banks 0

This week, when the Swiss National Bank broke the Swiss franc's cap to the euro, it demonstrated that the SNB had conceded central bank power to market power.

Swiss National Bank — Central Bank or Hedge Fund?: James Saft | Reuters

One of my favorite journalists makes the case that the Swiss central bank is a hedge fund with a small country appended to it.

The Hildebrand Case: Ethics and the Power of Perception

The recent scandal that led Swiss National Bank chairman Philipp Hildebrand to resign highlights the difference between what is legal and what is ethical. The law tells us what we “can and cannot do,” whereas ethics tells us what we “should and should not do.”

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