Practical analysis for investment professionals


If It Is on the Internet, It Can Be Analyzed

Last year I reported on an interesting firm, Thinknum, and its innovative new business model. The company makes sophisticated financial models available to everyone on an open, distributed computing platform. It is one of a handful of firms at the cutting edge, and I felt it was time for a check in with Thinknum’s co-founders, Justin Zhen and Gregory Ugwi.

Technology Is a Revenue Generator, Not an Expense Item

Being willing to spend money on innovative financial technology (fintech) is absolutely necessary for long-term revenue generation among wealth management firms.

The End of the Smartphone: What It Means for Investment Professionals

The inevitable extinction of smartphones will impact the way you do business. Either you can be proactive and use the next generation of smart technology to your advantage, or you can play catch-up when the time comes.

A View to the Future: Changes in the Investment Industry

By 2030, investment management will be transformed by megatrends that are already reshaping the industry, according to a new study.

The Apple Watch: Towards a New Era in Human-Computer Interaction

The Apple Watch might signal more than you think — the rise of human technology.

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