Practical analysis for investment professionals


Career Management: Adapting for the Future

Advances in medicine and technology, combined with other forces in society, are coalescing to propel average lifespans easily toward 100. Tracey Wilen asked delegates at the 69th CFA Institute Annual Conference to consider what that means for their career planning. For most people, it will mean having to build a revenue stream that funds their later years for at least 10–15 years longer than was the norm over the past several decades.

Technology, Demography, and the Future of Economic Growth

The global economy will never again experience the rapid growth rates seen prior to the financial crisis of 2007–2008, says economist Dambisa Moyo. Why? Because of technology and demographics.

Fintech’s Disruptive Potential

To better understand whether fintech is really disruptive or merely sustaining to the investment management industry, Sviatoslav Rosov, CFA, spoke with Horace Dediu for some insight.

The C-Suite Speaks: Looking for a Curveball

Based on recent earnings calls, the economy appears to be okay overall, says Scott Krisiloff, CFA, not deteriorating, but not robust either.

How to Get Smarter

Make technology your friend.

Wealth Management Technology: What’s Next?

Adopting some aspects of the robo-advisers’ technology may improve workflow for traditional wealth managers and improve client retention. From micro-IPOs to new applications for big data, evolving technology has the potential to transform wealth management.

Is Artificial Intelligence for Real?

Did you know there's an artificial intelligence (AI) that can decipher your age and how attractive you are?

If It Is on the Internet, It Can Be Analyzed

Last year I reported on an interesting firm, Thinknum, and its innovative new business model. The company makes sophisticated financial models available to everyone on an open, distributed computing platform. It is one of a handful of firms at the cutting edge, and I felt it was time for a check in with Thinknum’s co-founders, Justin Zhen and Gregory Ugwi.

Technology Is a Revenue Generator, Not an Expense Item

Being willing to spend money on innovative financial technology (fintech) is absolutely necessary for long-term revenue generation among wealth management firms.

The End of the Smartphone: What It Means for Investment Professionals

The inevitable extinction of smartphones will impact the way you do business. Either you can be proactive and use the next generation of smart technology to your advantage, or you can play catch-up when the time comes.

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