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The Intuitive Investor

The Intuitive Investor: How to Translate Intuitive Sensations

The benefits of intuition remain elusive for most because of the difficulty of translating intuition into meaningful words. Here are exercises designed to help.

The Intuitive Investor: How to Tune into Intuitive Sensations

Consciousness can take two forms: holistic and specific. Awareness of these two states is essential to tune into intuitive sensations. A subtle sensory exercise will help you learn how to distinguish between the two forms of consciousness.

The Intuitive Investor: Non-Attachment Is the Key Intuition Skill

To succeed as an investor your conscious awareness must be as in accord with reality as possible. Non-attachment means awareness of reality’s pure signal without immediately jumping to conclusions.

The Intuitive Investor: A Simple Model of Intuition

In part two of this new series, we present a simple model for intuition that provides a framework for understanding how to take advantage of its strengths and avoid its weaknesses.

The Intuitive Investor: Why Intuition Is Important

There is a growing regard for intuition as many successful investors, including George Soros, attribute their success to it. Here is why intuition is important.

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