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Book Review: Why Minsky Matters

In this comprehensive overview of the work of the late economist Hyman Minsky, the author serves up a rich variety of concepts that will stimulate and inform anyone concerned about the fate of the economy. If you want to know where we are going, it helps to know where we have come from, and this book provides an essential road map for that journey — past, present, and future.

Policy Divergence and Investor Implications

Bank of America Merrill Lynch macro-economist Karin Kimbrough explores a world where all the old symmetries of monetary and fiscal policy have evaporated.

The C-Suite Speaks: Hotel California

If the Fed doesn't feel comfortable raising rates above 0.25% in the current conditions, will we ever leave this low rate environment?

Weekend Reads: The Troll Economy in Seven Charts

There are plenty of risks to be mindful of given the current state of the markets. But a US recession is not one of them, says Will Ortel.

Are Low Interest Rates Driven by the Fed or by Fear?

Next time you hear a pundit or an investor complain that the Fed is keeping rates too low, consider the evidence that suggests rates are low because nobody really has a grasp on which direction future growth may go.

34 Charts: This Time Is Different

Growth will come, but be realistic. It might take a while.

The Ghost of 1937: The Fed Stalls on Rate Hike

Today, the Fed voted to forgo a rate hike, keeping short-term lending rates near zero. Now that the question of what the would Fed do has been answered, we now turn to why.

Weekend Reads for Global Investors: Will the Fed Raise Rates and Why You Should Care

What will the Fed do next week? The world is watching and so should you.

How Will Negative Interest Rates Change the Rules of the Game?

Recent events have challenged traditional economic theory about low (and negative) interest rates. Is it a brief aberration or the beginning of an unfamiliar and potentially treacherous new normal?

This Chart Breaks Capitalism — Can the Fed Fix It?

As I write this, US Federal Reserve Chair Janet Yellen and the Fed Board of Governors are ensconced in another two-day meeting. They will make a statement at the end. That statement will either move markets or bore them, but as a professional investor I will be waiting for exactly one thing: certainty about the path interest rates will take.

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