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Aswath Damodaran: Valuation in the Face of Uncertainty

The NYU professor applies a common-sense, mathematical approach to challenge general “rules of thumb” of valuation while still using accepted methodologies, such as the discounted cash flow model.

Quant Magic: A Book Review of Quantitative Value, by Wesley Gray and Tobias Carlisle

How many of the myriad qualitative facts that we gather about a company ahead of an investment decision actually make a difference? Wesley Gray and Tobias Carlisle offer a different approach in their fascinating book Quantitative Value.

What’s the “Warren Buffett of Europe” Up To: Part Two

In the previous post about Bestinver Asset Management’s annual meeting this year, I spoke about its origins, investment style, and efforts to educate its clients so that they share the same set of principles when it comes to market timing and investment time frame. In this post, I’ll delve into the current views of Bestinver’s managers.

What is the “Warren Buffett of Europe” Up To?

Bestinver’s chief investment officer, Francisco García Paramés (labeled the European Warren Buffett), has become an icon for the Spanish investment and business community. Even though he is not yet a household name in Spain, as Buffett is in the United States, the financial media pay special attention to what he has to say. Bestinver’s flagship fund, Bestinfond, has yielded a 16.1% annualized return since its inception.

Value Investing: Thinking Like an Owner (Video)

As investors, one of the things that we hear consistently is that it's important to "invest like an owner". This video discusses the many maxims that we commonly hear in value investing lore.

Weekend Reads for Investors: The Rising Influence of Activists, Africa, and Twitter

David Larrabee, CFA, rounds up the most interesting reads for equity investors from the last couple weeks.

Can You Invest Like Warren Buffett? (Video)

Is it possible for individual investors to duplicate Warren Buffett's investment success?

Investment Strategy: The Case for European Stocks

I wouldn’t be too negative about Europe. I think a lot of the issues result from Europe dealing with its problems now — by restructuring the weaker economies and getting state budgets on a sustainable level — rather than deferring them. Second, as I mentioned, European companies aren’t entirely dependent on European consumers because many companies are global.

Value Investing: A Conversation with Mario Gabelli (Video)

Conversation with Mario Gabelli, CFA, on investing, research, and the hunt for investment opportunities.

Book Review: The Value Investors

This examination of the strategies of 12 outstanding investors from around the world provides a valuable contribution to the literature on global value styles. Well researched and well written, in addition to being an enjoyable read, this book is a must for anyone even remotely interested in investment management styles.

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