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Asset Allocation and Portfolio Management: Is the Industry Shifting to a New Paradigm?

In an era of low investment returns, the traditional approach to asset allocation and portfolio management is giving way to a new model that holds the promise of working better during periods of instability and crisis.

Derivatives Roundup: Volatility Trading – Is it the Holy Grail?

Could it be that the Holy Grail has been spotted at the recent Chicago Board Options Exchange (CBOE) Risk Management Conference? Well not quite, but there was much… READ MORE ›

Avinash Persaud: Investors Should Brace for a Return of Currency Volatility

The chairman of Intelligence Capital laid out "seven rules of foreign exchange" that can help market practitioners manage their exchange rate exposures and clarify the future direction of currency markets.

Volatility Harvesting: From Theory to Practice

We’ve all heard the old adage that diversification is the only free lunch in investing, but Paul Bouchey, CFA, debunked that notion at the CFA Institute Wealth Management 2012 conference in Miami. To be clear, Bouchey did not challenge the notion that we can reduce risk without sacrificing return through diversification. He did, however, call out another free lunch — volatility harvesting.

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