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Weekend Reads for Investors: Slight Hangover Edition

Jason Voss, CFA, shares stories about artificial intelligence (AI) hype, the mathematics of causation, and a real Transformer, among other topics.

Weekend Reads for Investors: From Hong Kong Edition

Jason Voss, CFA, curates articles about China's current account deficit, whether men are hardwired to take risks, lazy fund managers, and more.

Top Five Articles from January: India, ETFs, and Vollgeld

What were the leading stories from Enterprising Investor in January?

The Vollgeld Initiative: A Primer

Switzerland will vote on a measure to end fractional reserve banking in 2018. Known as the Vollgeld, or "Full Money," Initiative, this proposal could transform modern finance as we know it. Jason Voss, CFA, curates a helpful reading list.

The Vollgeld Initiative and the Future of Fractional Reserve Banking

The Vollgeld Initiative, with its primary objective of separating money creation from fractional reserve banking, proposes a complete overhaul of the monetary and banking system. A poll of CFA Institute Financial NewsBrief readers indicates concern over its implications.

Vollgeld: What It Means for Fractional Reserve Banking in Switzerland

Backers of the Swiss Vollgeld suggest that if money is divorced from debt and if the government owns the banks' debt, then a run is impossible. Unfortunately, the real world is almost never so simple.

Is This the End of Fractional Reserve Banking?

Jason Voss, CFA, provides an overview of the growing movement to end fractional reserve banking, which culminated in the December 2015 announcement of a Swiss referendum on whether to scrap the system.

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