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Best of 2014: Creative Destruction or “The Market’s Messy Way of Delivering Progress”

In the face of the volatility that largely defined the markets in 2014, it is our goal here at the Enterprising Investor to provide you with practical examinations of current issues in finance and investing. Below is a selection of analyses, advice, and, if nothing else, some simply interesting opinions that address the myriad changes markets have experienced this year.

Can Financial Advisers Make Their Clients Happy?

Financial professionals often consider themselves successful when they are able to make their clients wealthy, or at least secure. But there may be an opportunity to reasonably target a more ambitious goal: helping secure their happiness.

Note to Advisers and Clients: Put Your Investment Plan in Writing

Investment Policy Statements, long a keystone of the institutional investment world, are increasingly catching on with individual investors and financial advisers.

Weekend Reads for Finance Pros: Happiness, Active vs. Passive Investing, and Millennials

One of my favorite pastimes is to walk through Central Park. I find a bench, take out my newspaper, and quietly survey the scenery. This morning I did just that en route to the office, and it reminded me… READ MORE ›

World Wealth Report 2014: Can Social Media Help Close the Trust Gap?

The latest World Wealth Report makes the case that social media can "reinforce trust by providing a platform for open, meaningful dialogue, which is capable of also driving business."

Weekend Reads for Finance Pros: Correlation and Causation, HFT, and “House of Debt”

Here are some interesting articles, photographs, radio clips, tweets, and Ted talks I've come across in recent weeks.

Weekend Reads for Advisers: Our Brains, Psychopaths, and (Failed) Resolutions

Back in my fomer life, I was a reporter and editor at the Financial Times, where, for a time, I edited James Altucher’s regular FT column. His musings were often irreverent and amusing and, needless to say, attracted a… READ MORE ›

Women and Wealth: Why Financial Advisers Need to Work (Much) Harder to Close the Gender Gap

Women in the United States alone control $8 trillion in investable assets and are expected to control $22 trillion by 2020, according to TD Ameritrade Institutional. Yet they remain underserved and oftentimes ignored by financial advisers.

Getting Your Arms — And Those Of Your Clients — Around Effective Philanthropy

Pop quiz: If your client wants to talk to you about effective giving strategies, are you equipped to handle the discussion?

If not, consider this: Wealthy clients are increasingly expecting their advisers to talk about philanthropy. According to the READ MORE ›

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