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Five Reasons Why Writing Is the Most Underrated Investment Skill

Writing should serve an active role throughout our investment process. Here’s why.

Weekend Reads: Funny Computers

How far are computers from authoring (and understanding) authentically funny jokes? Sloane Ortel explains in this week's edition of Weekend Reads.

Weekend Reads: Just Write

Sloane Ortel offers tips to help you become a better writer, plus selections on Arthur C. Clarke, workarounds, and more, in the latest edition of Weekend Reads.

Weekend Reads for Finance Pros: Ben Graham, Toughness, and “The Whoosh”

If you're a regular reader of these roundups, you'll know that I love language. And hopefully by now you've also come to expect the unexpected when reading through my selections. This week's gem comes from Dwight Garner's review of a recently updated version of Marco Pierre White's White Heat.

Weekend Reads for Finance Pros: Robo-Advisers, Wonder Woman, and Kasparov vs. Deep Blue

Once in a while, I come across a piece of writing so delightful, I simply can’t resist sharing it in full. That’s what happened when I heard Shaun Usher, the blogger and editor behind Letters of Note, read his favorite letter on a recent segment of NPR’s Morning Edition.

An Emotional Finance Approach to Fund Management: Telling the Right Investment “Story”

Arriving at conviction is not just a simple matter of overconfidence, as is typically suggested by the behavioral finance literature. Investment managers construct narratives to understand prospective investments and often run the risk of being married to that story.

Take 15: Analyst Risks and Pitfalls: Best Practices for Investment Research (Video)

Jeremy Bolland, author of Writing Securities Research: A Best Practice Guide, discusses the best practices for banks, brokerages, and research analysts for the production and dissemination of investment research, as well as the regulatory landscape in the Asia Pacific region.

How Wealth Managers Can Stay Relevant in a World of Social Media

While the adoption of social media among wealth management firms is “at early stages,” according to a recent report, it is a communication channel that “financial institutions can no longer ignore.”

How to Improve Your Investment Writing

To communicate effectively with your clients, use correct grammar and punctuation, avoid jargon, follow a clear structure, keep it concise, and employ a little wit.

That was the advice offered by two writing-skills trainers, Fiona Rintoul, a journalist (above, left),… READ MORE ›

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