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21 September 2021

What’s New in Goodwill

There’s a lot happening with goodwill. Goodwill continues to be a large and important part of the corporate balance sheet (nearly $3.6T by our estimates) and its growing. Total goodwill and goodwill per reporting firm are at highest levels since 2017. And the standards for accounting for goodwill may be changing which could have significant, unintended consequences.

Join Sandy Peters, PJ Patel, and Pranav Ghai on September 23, 2:30 – 3:30PM ET as they discuss What’s New in Goodwill:
• What we know about goodwill assets
• Why goodwill matters to corporate valuation and reporting
• How COVID-19 shaped deal-making and valuation
• Amortization of goodwill and what that will mean

Register here: Webinar Registration – Zoom

Hosted by CRC, Calcbench, and CFA Institute

Financial analysts trying to understand the latest trends and issues in goodwill can attend a webinar on that subject on Sept. 23, which will bring together thought leaders from Valuation Research Corp. (VRC), a leading global provider of independent valuation support and advisory services; Calcbench, a leading interactive, financial research platform for data-intensive analysts; and CFA Institute, the global association of investment professionals.

The webinar will include presentations from VRC Co-CEO PJ Patel, Calcbench CEO Pranav Ghai, and CFA Institute’s senior head of global advocacy, Sandy Peters. It will be moderated by Matt Kelly, editor of the newsletter Radical Compliance.

Given the continued importance of goodwill on the balance sheet, the webinar will cover topics such as why goodwill matters to corporate valuation and how potential reporting changes may have significant, unintended consequences.

Ghai will share how goodwill amounts have changed over the years. Patel will discuss VRC’s outlook on the deal-making space for public firms, inflation and its impact on VRC’s valuation analyses. Peters will also present findings from a CFA Institute whitepaper on goodwill.

The webinar is free to attend and open to all. More information about the webinar can be found here.

About VRC 

Valuation Research Corporation is a full-service, independent, global valuation firm. Since 1975, our network of over 1,300 valuation professionals, which includes VRC’s 200+ U.S.-based colleagues, has provided objective, supportable conclusions of value to domestic and international clients. VRC has locations in Atlanta, Boston, Chicago, Cincinnati, Dallas, Milwaukee, New York, Princeton, San Francisco, and Tampa; as well as international member firms operating as VRG in Argentina, Australia, Brazil, Canada, China, Colombia, Germany, India, Japan, Luxembourg, Mexico, Singapore, Spain, and the United Kingdom.  

About Calcbench

Calcbench is a financial data platform designed for outperformance. Founded in 2011, the company uses the latest technology to offer instant and systematic access to all the data (numbers and text) in financial statements, including the details hidden within the footnotes. Developed by former analysts and supported by a team, Calcbench was built for data analysis looking to go deeper. Visit

About CFA Institute

CFA Institute is the global association of investment professionals that sets the standard for professional excellence and credentials. The organization is a champion of ethical behavior in investment markets and a respected source of knowledge in the global financial community. The CFA Institute aims to create an environment where investors’ interests come first, markets function at their best, and economies grow. There are more than 170,000 CFA® charterholders worldwide in 164 markets. CFA Institute has nine offices worldwide and there are 161 local societies. For more information, visit

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