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U.S. Credit-Rating Downgrade — Do Investors Really Care?

The news from Standard & Poor’s on Friday evening reverberated during the weekend in financial and political circles throughout the world. Having decided that insufficient progress had been made in righting the substance and process of U.S. fiscal health,… READ MORE ›

EU Debt Crisis Highlights Shortcomings of Financial Instrument Accounting

BNP Paribas has reclassified almost all its peripheral Euro-zone sovereign exposures, taking advantage of an accounting provision brought in after the sub-prime crisis that allows banks to move assets into their loans and receivables portfolio if they are deemed… READ MORE ›

Speaker Confirmed: Christian de Boissieu

Professor Christian de Boissieu is chairman of the French Council of Economic Analysis and director of the master’s degree in banking and finance program at the Pantheon-Sorbonne University in… READ MORE ›

Self-Serving and Conflicted — FSOC Annual As Forthcoming As Expected

Maybe it’s because I am just back from vacation, but reading the Financial Services Oversight Council’s first annual report certainly hasn’t helped my mood. In fact, the FSOC’s voluminous annual report — a mere… READ MORE ›

Could Higher Energy Costs Abroad Lead to a Recovery in U.S. Manufacturing?

U.S. manufacturing may be down but don’t count it out. In fact, the U.S. manufacturing sector could be poised for a comeback. The reason? Skyrocketing energy and transport costs now make it far more attractive to produce goods locally,… READ MORE ›

Financial Analysts — We Love the “Beat”

In an era of financial shenanigans, crisis, and perpetual hype it would be nice if someone in this industry called it straight. Granted, the quarterly earnings game is made for television, at the nexus of news and entertainment, with… READ MORE ›

CFA Charterholders to Credit Rating Firms: Vote of No Confidence

As it became clear last week that the U.S. fiscal crisis was reaching a boiling point in Washington, we issued a brief survey to the CFA Institute global membership. We wanted to find out more… READ MORE ›

Piling on Against Dodd-Frank

As reported by Jean Eaglesham in the Wall Street Journal, the fight over Dodd-Frank is shifting to the courts as business groups weigh lawsuits aimed at blocking parts of the sweeping financial reform… READ MORE ›

BlackRock’s Rick Rieder on the Future of Fixed Income in a Post-QE World

When it comes to the European and U.S. debt crises are we nearing the dénouement — or still in the opening act?

At the Financial Analysts Seminar in Chicago earlier this week, Rick Rieder (pictured left), managing… READ MORE ›

Take 15: The Latin American Investment Climate

Latin America creates an interesting set of investment opportunities in light of its potential for economic growth and the development of its financial markets. Melvin Escudero discusses some of the elements that will be critical for Latin America's continued growth in the future.