Weekend Reading for Equity Investors: Dividends, Buybacks, and an Ill-Fated Acquisition

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Weekend Reading

The stock market has been nothing if not resilient as of late. Rising tensions in the Middle East, a contentious election in the United States, disappointing corporate earnings, and equally glum year-ahead outlooks are just some of the headwinds equity investors have faced over the past month, not to mention Europe’s still-reeling economy and the US fiscal cliff, which looms large as a significant threat to the American economy. Even so, most major stock markets — the exception being China’s — have held steady.

Is this burst of optimism enduring, or will it to be tested? To help illuminate the issues, here are some of the stories worth adding to your weekend reading list:

Dissecting the Markets

Is the Economy Approaching Stall Speed?

Valuation Matters

Divergent Views on Japan

Risk and Emerging Markets

Money to Burn

The Hewlett-Packard Blame Game

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