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Poll: What Do the Recent Defaults in China’s Corporate-Debt Market Mean?

From 2008 to 2012, Chinese government debt, at all levels, increased from about 40% of gross domestic product to 53.5%. Yet, when compared with other countries — such as the United States, whose total government debt was 140% of GDP in 2012 — that figure seems relatively paltry. Including private-sector debt in 2012 increases China’s debt profile to 215% of GDP, which also compares favorably with the United States (360% for the same year). Read more


Why China Will Not Dominate the 21st Century

Will China Dominate the 21st Century?

China breeds superlatives. It is the world’s most populous country; its Communist party is the planet’s biggest political movement; it contains half of the world’s pigs; and its citizens smoke 38 percent of the world’s cigarettes. But it is also very easy to be swept away by the apparent inevitability of China’s dominance. Author and historian Jonathan Fenby argues that despite China’s huge strengths, its manifold weaknesses will ensure it does not dominate the 21st century. Read more