Weekend Reading for Financial Advisers: The Super Bowl, the Beatles, and Abraham Lincoln

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Weekend Reading

Here is a smattering of articles, videos, cartoons, drawings, and infographics that recently caught my attention, in case you missed them.

Behavioral Finance

Leadership/Practice Management/Stress Management

Technology/Baby Boomers

The Financial Crisis

Marketing/Investment Policy Statement

  • Michael Kitces, certified financial planner and author of the Nerd’s Eye View blog, said it best in his tweet on this promotional video: “Wow. Now *THIS* is how all advisors should be explaining the importance of an Investment Policy Statement.” (Sherrill Wealth Management, video)

Risk Management

  • When was the last time showers, forests, and native New Guineans appeared in the same context as risk? Well, the wait is over. In “That Daily Shower Can Be a Killer,” the writer discusses the concept of “constructive paranoia” in the context of what he has learned from 50 years of field work on the island of New Guinea: the importance of being attentive to hazards that carry a low risk each time but are encountered frequently. (New York Times)

Charitable Donations

Super Bowl Sunday

  • In a tweet about his article “Super Bowl Indicator: The Secret History,” Jason Zweig cautions that if anyone “blathers to you about the ‘Superbowl Indicator,’ tie this sockful of garlic around your neck.” (Wall Street Journal)

And Now For Something Completely Different

  • This Shouts and Murmurs column about out-of-office emails had me laughing out loud: “Automatic Reply”. (The New Yorker)

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