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17 February 2013

Should You be Buying High Yield Bonds? (Video)

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With bond yields at historic lows, many investors find themselves reaching for yield. In order to understand how they can safely do that, we invited Martin Fridson, CFA, to join us and answer a few questions on the topic. Martin is the global credit strategist at BNP Paribas Asset Management. In addition to writing six books on finance and the political economy, he is described by Institutional Investor as “the dean of the high-yield bond market.”

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Robert Stammers, CFA

Robert Stammers, CFA, is director of Investor Engagement for CFA Institute and is responsible for increasing the use and distribution of Future of Finance and CFA Institute content by various audiences. Prior to joining CFA Institute, Stammers was the principal for his founded company where he consulted for real estate owners, lenders, and syndicators to develop and analyze structured real estate investments. There he devised strategy for obtaining debt and preferred equity capital and created finance-related marketing materials and research papers for various clients. Stammers has authored over 100 articles on various financial and investment topics for such investment periodicals as Forbes and Investopedia. He served as a senior equity analyst, where he was responsible for the creation of new investment tools and instructional products to provide the revenues for two new investment education companies. As a senior executive for several institutional fund managers, Stammers was the portfolio manager for a $1 billion enhanced real estate fund, a $1.2 billion private timber fund, and several pension fund separate accounts.

1 thought on “Should You be Buying High Yield Bonds? (Video)”

  1. Robert Murray, CFA says:

    Excellent discussion by an authority on the subject.

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