Weekend Reads for Advisers: Investing, Physics, and the Power of Imagination

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Weekend Reads

The Wall Street Journal‘s Jason Zweig has spent his career trying to help investors become smarter about their decisions — through his regular column and book Your Money and Your Brain. He is an astute observer (and interpreter) of human behavior.

This week Zweig wrote a delightful essay, “Norman Mailer and Me,” recounting how, as a 17-year-old, convinced that he was writing The Great American Novel, he sent several of the most eminent novelists in the United States a letter begging them to read his work. The only one who responded was Mailer. Zweig recently stumbled upon Mailer’s letter — in the same bottom drawer in which he had placed it 36 years ago.

While it was interesting to read (and see) Mailer’s remarkable reply, it was a line of Zweig’s prose that caught my attention: “No matter how complicated we think human beings are, we still underestimate them.” Indeed.

Here are some other worthwhile reads, in case you missed them.

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