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01 October 2014

Top Five Articles from September: Multifamily Housing, Forthrightness, and More

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1. Multifamily Housing Is Booming, and It Doesn’t Look Like a Bubble

Many investors are waiting for America’s housing market to rebound, but it may have already — if you look at multifamily housing.

2. Skills That Separate You as an Investment Manager: Forthrightness

If you would like to separate yourself from the crowd of highly motivated and highly intelligent candidates, try adding the following to your arsenal of skills: forthrightness.

3. Six Probable Investment Mistakes

The job of good analysts is not merely to be detailed reporters but to be looking for future changes or, more likely, mistakes from which to benefit.

4. New Twists to the Active vs. Passive Debate

The growing popularity of passive equity investing seems to be an unstoppable feature of the evolving investment industry. With many difficult and potentially confusing theoretical investment issues still unresolved, Mark Harrison, CFA, revisits some aspects of the active versus passive debate.

5. Do Valuation Shorts Work?

Valuation shorts have a bad reputation on Wall Street. But do they work? Alon Bochman, CFA, tested this question using a new research service.

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