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01 December 2014

Top Five Articles from November: Beating the Market, Scaling, and Personal Branding

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1. Mission Impossible: Beating the Market Forever
If value-weight market returns reflect a binding constraint on the collective investor experience, how long can an individual investor “beat the market” before he actually becomes the market? As it turns out, compound growth prevents skilled investors from beating the market forever.

2. Skills That Separate You as an Investment Manager: Scaling
An overlooked skill that separates you from other analysts is the ability to use a multitude of scales to lead to deeper understanding of an investment.

3. Why Personal Branding Matters to Your Career Now
Personal branding is not new, but it has taken on a distinct buzz in the past few years. Like networking and most other career management strategies, personal branding can be most impactful if you start doing it well before you need to.

4. Robo-Advisers: Opportunity or Threat? (Online Forum)
To offer guidance and insight about current changes in the investment advisory industry, the Future of Finance initiative at CFA Institute has assembled a panel of experts to discuss the implications and potential effects of robo-advisers on the marketplace.

5. What’s Wrong with the Asian Wealth Management Industry?
Why have some private banks in the Asia Pacific region grumbled about profit? Paul Smith, CFA, managing director, Asia Pacific global head, institutional partnerships, at CFA Institute, says it’s because private wealth business models in the region are not connecting with the needs of local clients.

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